The company was started in 1985 developing DOS Clipper applications running on stand-alone PC's.  Over the years, local area networks (LAN's) became available and customers needed multi-user applications to run their offices.  Writing and installing these quality systems for customers (some still going full force) quickly turned into a support role for these new LAN's that the systems were running on.  So as the years went by, sBOR also became a network installation and maintenance company specializing in Novell and then Microsoft products.

Today, sBOR focuses on two aspects of small business - LAN (Network Design, Implemenation & Support) and Windows-based custom applications.  Focusing on 10-50 user businesses, we've become a company's "part-time" IS Staff, responding when needed, but not sitting there occupying a desk, collecting benefits when not needed.  Keeping your company on or ahead of the technology curve is what we strive to do and nothing makes us feel better than to design and implement a hardware or software solution, then watch it help your company grow. With technology advances happening very quickly, many small businesses do not have the skills nor the resources to maintain a successful IT strategy.  We are that resource.