Welcome to sBOR, your small business technology consultants.  With the seemingly endless flood of new products, viruses, updates and fixes to desktops, servers, operating systems and office suites, many small businesses do not have the resources (personnel and/or financial) to keep up to date with this deluge.  Enter sBOR.

Since 1985, we've been providing software and hardware solutions for customers in the Greater Boston area and Rhode Island. We act as your network installer, administrator, purchasing department and help desk so you do not have to have costly full-time staff in these positions. We recommend and install products from quality vendors so we do not have to fix or replace products on a regular basis.  Our specialty is with the Microsoft Small Business Server product lines, which can serve all of your business technology needs - E-mail & Scheduling, File & Print Services, Remote Access, Backup, Document Sharing, Web-Site, Intranet, Faxing and Firewall.

We also provide custom programming solutions using the Microsoft Office desktop products, specifically multi-user Access database systems.  If you are tired of trying to make your business fit the off-the-shelf software available to you, or you want to get data in or out of your accounting package to manage data in the way you want to manage it, we can help.  Custom solutions let you run your business the way you want to run it and changes can be made rapidly so you do not have to wait for a "service pack" to be released.

Give us a call at 508-850-9876 and we will get your business connected!

Last Updated May 25, 2017